Care Groups


Care Groups is New Season’s way of making this big world seem a little bit smaller. The purpose of Care groups is to disciple, fellowship, and evangelize with compassion. We gather 3-20 people weekly/bi-weekly, based off location, to gather and go deeper on what we receive on a Sunday or Wednesday.

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Have you gone through Growth Tracks and have a desire to facilitate a Care Group? You can sign up here to begin your next step with Care Groups.



What is a Care Group?

New Season Care group is a group of 3-20 people who currently gather on zoom and social media platforms. (Later groups will meet at a hosts home, at church, or a designated location off campus.)

When/where do Care Group’s meet?

Each group currently meets via zoom at different times and days throughout the week. We encourage groups to meet at their homes, coffee shops, outing events, and New Season Church. We have rooms available at New Season that can be reserved. Location is dependent upon each host/facilitator.


What to expect in a Care Group?

When you attend a Care group you can expect fellowship, sermon discussion/Bible study, and prayer. Care groups are available to both believers and those seeking truth about who Jesus is. We believe in a smaller, non-intimidating environment that friendships and prayer partners can be formed. Through Godly connections, support and disciples of Christ are developed.

What is the purpose of a Care Group?

New Season Care groups exist to evangelize, disciple, and build community within our growing congregation and Sacramento community. The goal is to offer another time to meet outside of regular services who can connect in a more intimate gathering and dive in to get to know Jesus better collectively. As a result, develop believers to maturity to lead others.


How long does each group last?

Each group meets for 30-40 minutes online. However, it is up to the host and the flow of the group if they would like to extend. We encourage as much fellowship as possible. Connection is key.